gameboxLexington, Kentucky native and Thanksgiving Game creator, Louie Stotz, came up with the idea for the game on Thanksgiving Day 1977, and his family has been playing every year since.

First created to “kill time” waiting for late guests to arrive, the Thanksgiving Game became a rich tradition in the Stotz family.

A couple of years ago, after enjoying their traditional meal and annual playing of the homemade version of the game, Stotz’s son-in-law Tim Lester remarked, “this game is so much fun it should be shared with the world so others can enjoy it like we have.”Soon afterward Stotz enlisted his son-in-law to develop the game into the retail product that is now available in stores nationwide.

The game’s mission is to help people focus on what’s really important during the holiday season–celebrating God’s blessings with friends and family.